Residential Cleaning Services

From what we have seen in the market, a majority of cleaning service companies specialize only in commercial cleaning. So, at PPC, we long ago made a conscious decision to include residential cleaning services in Gold Coast, Darwin, and Brisbane region too in our portfolio, so that even individuals and families can avail of our cleaning services. As a result of this choice, we have now gained expertise in servicing residential properties of any size and age.

While servicing residential properties, we adhere to the same standards and cleaning benchmarks we set for servicing commercial properties. Therefore, if you find it difficult to keep your house clean, or if cleaning the house day in and day out has taken a toll on your physical and mental health, you need not worry further. We at PPC would be happy to do it for you and take away one of the topmost responsibilities that running a household entails.

As part of our residential cleaning offerings, we have serviced:

  • High Rise Buildings

    – Among residential properties, high-rise buildings are unique and challenging in that they’re made up of a variety of building materials. This automatically means that there’s no one solution fits all approach for such properties. We’re acutely aware of this complexity in servicing such properties, and thus, apply unique cleaning methodologies, depending on the material—both inside and outside. You don’t have to take just our word for it; you could talk to any of the owners of the high rise buildings we’ve serviced and find out for yourself.
  • Apartments

    – We also provide cleaning services for apartments regularly. While apartments may not be as complicated as high rise buildings, they come with a fair share of challenges too—things such as, space management, floor maintenance, preservation of paint and colours, avoiding damage due to moisture, and so on. We train our cleaning professionals on all these areas and equip them with the best tools and know-how to get the job done.
  • Villas

    – At PPC, we believe that villas are not just places of residence, but also reflections of the owners’ personality. So, when we offer villa cleaning services, we see to that the essence and uniqueness of each villa is preserved well. Like high rise buildings, villas too, most of the time, come with a variety of building materials. We take utmost care to clean each part of the property remarkably well. For instance, our staff know where pressure washing works the best and where it could cause serious damage, and they do it only when and where it’s absolutely needed. Thoughtfulness in each project is what sets PPC apart from other cleaning service contractors in Gold Coast and Darwin.

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