Residential Cleaning Services

From what we have seen in the market, a majority of cleaning service companies specialise only in commercial cleaning. So, at PPC, we long ago made a conscious decision to include residential cleaning too in our portfolio, so that even individuals and families can avail our cleaning services. As a result of this choice, we have now gained expertise in servicing residential properties of any size and age.

While servicing residential properties, we adhere to the same standards and cleaning benchmarks we set for servicing commercial properties. Therefore, if you find it difficult to keep your house clean, or if cleaning the house day in and day out has taken a toll on your physical and mental health, you need not worry further. We at PPC would be happy to do it for you and take away one of the topmost responsibilities that running a household entails.

As part of our residential cleaning offerings, we have serviced:

  • High Rise Buildings

    – Among residential properties, high rise buildings are unique and challenging in that they’re made up of a variety of building materials—concrete, wood, metal, glass, plastic fibre and what not! This automatically means that there’s no one-solution-fits-all approach when it comes to cleaning high rise buildings. Each material needs equal care and diligence but different cleaning solutions.

At PPC, we’re very well aware of this complexity in servicing such properties, and thus, apply unique cleaning methodologies, depending on the material—both inside and outside. You don’t have to take just our word for it; you could talk to any of the owners of the high rise buildings we’ve serviced in Gold Coast or Darwin and find out for yourself.

  • Houses

    – We know… Cleaning is by no means a fun activity. It needs to be done the same way every day. It is also, at one level, a mildly stressful activity, especially if you and your family are the ones who have to do it every day. Juggling between your professional work and performing household chores like cleaning and mopping could lead to a lot of mental and physical stress. What this means is that if you can afford regular paid cleaning services like the one we offer at PPC, you should absolutely consider signing up for it!

The PPC advantage is that you can either choose a one-off cleaning assignment or sign up for a regular cleaning contract, based on your need. When you sign up with us, we assess your house, prepare a plan that fulfills your requirements, and deliver the best service in a highly cost-effective manner. Your satisfaction is our mission, and like we do in all our cleaning assignments, we will always strive to create new service standards.

  • Units

    – Apartment units, irrespective of their size and occupants—be it a family or a group of friends, require regular cleaning. If you’re a tenant of a unit in Gold Coast or Darwin, we can perform one-off cleaning or regular cleaning at your residence. If you’re an owner of an apartment unit and preparing to rent out the property to new tenants, we can do a thorough job of cleaning the unit and make it look new.

Our apartment unit cleaning services include whole area cleaning, bathroom deep cleaning, kitchen cleaning and scrubbing, stain removal, carpet and upholstery vacuuming, balcony cleaning, floor sweeping and polishing, and door and window cleaning among others. The PPC guarantee is that we can do all this for you at a highly reasonable price that doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket. If you can refer your neighbours and sign up for a bulk cleaning service of multiple units, we can also sweeten the deal by providing attractive discounts. So, why wait?! Pick your phone and give us a call right away.

  • Apartments

    – We also provide regular cleaning services for apartments. While apartments may not be as complicated as high rise buildings, they come with a fair share of challenges too—things such as, space management, floor maintenance, preservation of paint and colours, avoiding damage due to moisture, and so on. We train our cleaning professionals on all these areas and equip them with the best tools and know-how to get the job done.

When a PPC cleaning personnel steps into your apartment for a cleaning assignment, they take a few minutes to assess the space and take stock of the different material and properties present. This assessment gives them a clear picture of what to do and how to do it. Diligence and dedicated work is the PPC guarantee.

  • Villas

    – At PPC, we believe that villas are not just places of residence, but also reflections of the owners’ personality. So, when we offer villa cleaning services, we make sure that the essence and uniqueness of each villa is preserved well. Like high rise buildings, villas too, most of the time, come with a variety of building materials.

We take utmost care to clean each part of your villa thoroughly. For instance, our cleaning personnel know where pressure washing works the best and where it could cause serious damage, and they do it only when and where it’s absolutely needed. Thoughtfulness in each project is what sets PPC apart from other cleaning service contractors in Gold Coast and Darwin.

  • High End Residences/Mansionsillas

    – Among residential properties, high end residences and mansions are the most challenging to maintain and clean. Cleaning them involves a combination of cleaning methods and materials required for all other types of residential properties. For instance, mansions too, just like villas, reflect the owners’ personality and taste; plus, it’s highly possible that they’re made of a variety of construction material. While this is on the outside, the inside of high end residences is a different story altogether. Mansions are most likely adorned with very expensive items and art works.

Moreover, cleaning a mansion or a high end residence is never a one-man job. It requires a bunch of diligent and dedicated professionals—something that PPC has a lot of. At PPC, we have expert cleaning staff, who specialize in servicing high end residences and mansions. They can both do a spectacular cleaning job at your residence and also, in the process, make sure that none of your properties, artifacts, collectibles et al are damaged. We are fully aware that when it comes to mansions, “cleaning” more or less means “preserving”.

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