Hospitality Cleaning Services

We also excel in hospitality cleaning, which encompasses venues, such as hotels, B&B properties, banquet halls, restaurants, cafes, pubs, and even large resorts. Being part of the services industry ourselves, we know well the short-term and long-term cleaning-related challenges that any business in the hospitality industry faces. Moreover, since we have also frequently been on the consumer side of this industry, we are acutely aware of the cleanliness and hygiene standards that customers expect at hospitality properties. These insights help us deliver the best cleaning service for every single customer of ours in the hospitality industry.

Our services  for hospitality sites include, but are not restricted to, routine cleaning, housekeeping, and kitchen and dining area sanitisation. Based on your requirements, we can provide you with both cleaning material and personnel, or one of the two. Our services come with the assurance that your customers will have nothing to complain about in terms of cleanliness and hygiene.

Under hospitality cleaning, we specialize in:

  • B&B Properties

    – Next to hotels and resorts, it is bed and breakfast properties that travellers, especially those on a budget, prefer when it comes to accommodation options. However, though they’re on a budget, they’re entitled to excellent cleanliness and hygiene standards too. Through our B&B cleaning services, we help small property owners assure these standards to the budget traveller visiting them.

If you own a B&B property, pick up the phone and give us a ring. We can help you chart out a cleaning routine for your property and also execute it for you in any frequency of your choice. What more? We can also assign a dedicated cleaning service manager for your property—someone who can serve as a single point of contact to answer your questions and address your concerns.

  • Banquet Halls

    – Banquet halls are one of those places that are invariably prone to untidiness with each usage. Food waste, single use cups, spillage of beverages, and broken glasses are some of the common types of waste that one can frequently encounter at banquet halls. If any such trash objects are not attended to promptly, your patrons might end up with a bad experience. Moreover, the very purpose of banquet halls means that cleanliness and tidiness must be maintained for each booking.

As part of our comprehensive banquet hall cleaning services, we carry out proper collection and disposal of trash, carpet cleaning, furniture and upholstery vacuuming, door and window cleaning, dining area cleaning, lobby and restroom cleaning among others. Our diligent cleaning personnel make sure to handle your and your patrons’ property carefully and leave your premises spick and span. If you’re a banquet hall owner/manager looking for cleaning services in Gold Coast and Darwin, pick up the phone and give us a call. We can ensure a great deal that will give you the bang for your buck.

  • Cafes

    – Just like pubs and restaurants, cafes too require round-the-clock cleaning throughout the year. Most cafes are not just places for refreshment anymore; they also double as workplaces because an increasing number of people choose to work from cafes today. In that vein, a well-maintained, clean, and tidy cafe is what could turn a one-time patron into a regular customer.

PPC can make that journey along with you. Outsource your cleaning commitments to us and rest assured that your cafe sparkles bright and right all the time. When the cleanliness of your premises becomes our priority, the PPC magic and execution can make your cafe more appealing, attractive, and inviting.

  • Events & Function Centres

    – Events and function centres are a lot like banquet halls, but are much more than that. While banquet halls are mostly only about food, event and function centres cater to a wider range of activities and gatherings. They are also some of the places where people gather to do business. Therefore, when an event is held, say, like a medical conference, it is important for the attendees to go back with a good experience. The tidiness and cleanliness of the place plays a huge role in ensuring this.

If you’re looking for a long-term cleaning partner for your event and function centre, PPC’s high standard cleaning service could be the best solution for you. What matters the most is the consistency of the cleaning done. When you partner with us, you can be certain that each and every event held in your premises, no matter how far apart in time they are, have the same standard of cleanliness and hygiene. Now that is the PPC promise.

  • Hotels & Resorts

    – Though the COVID-19 pandemic has dented tourism a bit, hotels and resorts are here to stay. People who travel within the country, be it for work or pleasure, will continue to need rooms for short-term stays. To serve the traveller community better, we have upped our game already and included COVID-specific cleaning services  to our already exemplary hospitality cleaning services. People travelling to Gold Coast and Darwin, for whatever reason, need not worry about the cleanliness and hygiene of their place of stay. Chances are that we’re the cleaning service partners of the property they’re staying in.

Our cleaning activities for hotels and resorts include: comprehensive room cleaning and sanitisation, housekeeping, corridor cleaning and maintenance, dining area cleaning, cleaning and sanitisation of common areas, pool maintenance, bathroom cleaning, and window and door cleaning.

  • Pubs & Restaurants

    – Pubs and restaurants are some of the public places that people of all ages frequent. The biggest challenge in these spaces is that no one knows where the others have been. So, it’s essential to maintain high standards of cleanliness both in the kitchen and the dining area. And that’s exactly what we offer through our restaurant cleaning services in Gold Coast and Darwin. Our cleaning activities for pubs and restaurants include: oil and grease stain removal, furniture cleaning and polishing, couch and cushion cleaning and maintenance, carpet cleaning and maintenance, hood and chimney cleaning, countertop cleaning, proper disposal of food waste, sweeping and mopping of floors, cleaning of shelves, and sink cleaning.

Besides restaurant cleaning services, we also offer on-demand cleanliness and hygiene workshops for restaurant staff. Through these workshops, you can make sure that your in-house personnel are well-equipped to maintain high hygiene standards even in our absence.

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