Commercial Cleaning Services

Through our extensive studying of the industry, we have, over time, developed the capabilities to clean and maintain the premises of any commercial establishment. Be it any structure of any size and material, we are aware of the fundamental dos and don’ts and the advanced best practices to follow. Most importantly, we consider a building not a single entity, but as a sum of its individual parts. This philosophy has helped us come up with unique cleaning approaches and solutions for each part of a building.

We can service a variety of structures meant for different purposes. This breadth and depth of expertise gives us a clear picture about what works and what doesn’t for any kind of structure.

Further, we specialize in:

  • Allied Health Service Centres

    – When it comes to healthcare, it’s not just huge hospitals that keep the wheel moving. Allied healthcare centres also play a vital role in ensuring that the citizens of Australia are hale and healthy. That’s the reason PPC’s medical cleaning services include allied healthcare centres, such as community health centres, care homes, and mental health centres.

That, however, does not mean that we have different service standards for these places. We widely adhere to the cleanliness standards set by the National Safety and Quality Health Service (NHQHS), besides complying with state-specific cleanliness guidelines. That said, there are two ways in which we can help you: We can either contractually take over the cleaning and upkeep of your healthcare centre, or train your cleaning staff to ensure that they follow our best practices for the sake of consistency. Either way, your healthcare centre will be covered by the PPC method, which means more focus on healthcare and less cleanliness-related headache.

  • Business Offices

    – If work is worship, it automatically means that the workplace is a temple. Just like temples, the physical space in which you run your business must also be clean and hygienic. Clean and well-maintained offices are sure to leave a lasting first impression in the minds of your customers. They also make your employees/co-workers believe that you genuinely care for their safety and well-being.

In our decade-long existence in the market, we’ve serviced several business offices on both one-off and long-term retainer bases. When you choose our services, your office premises will certainly receive the same care and diligence that our own properties get. Our well-trained personnel also make it a point to not cause any disruptions to people working inside your offices, ensuring that work goes on smoothly both inside and outside.

  • Car Parks

    –  If there’s a place that is uniquely both public and private at the same time, it has to be car parks. Typically, car parks are the kind of places where patrons might come from anywhere and go anywhere. In the post-COVID world we live in, this kind of uncertainty poses a great challenge in terms of safety and exposure to the virus.

Car parks are also one of those places where people are most of the time in a hurry. This could cause frequent littering, which is a serious problem. The PPC promise is to ensure both cleanliness and tidiness of car parks, providing a memorable, top-notch experience to all patrons at all times.

  • Construction Sites

    – Construction of a property does not end the moment the building resembles the structure in the planned diagrams. The property must also be presentable and inhabitable—two traits achieved only through a thorough post-construction clean-up. Such a clean-up should ensure exceptional tidiness and cleanliness. While trash objects can be easily spotted and removed, it’s the inconspicuous yet pervasive waste, such as loose dust and concrete that need to be taken extra care of.

In our decade-long experience as a cleaning service provider in Gold Coast and Darwin, we have cleaned up multiple construction sites, and we have ensured to raise the bar for cleaning standards every single time. Our cleaning activities include, but are not limited to: floor and wall cleaning, pressure washing, stain and grime removal, mosaic and tile polishing, cobweb removal, door and window cleaning, furniture vacuuming, and electrical appliance cleaning. After each clean-up, a dedicated cleaning manager from PPC inspects the site and signs off only when they are satisfied with the work. This way, we uphold the PPC motto of “creating new service standards”.

  • Gymnasiums

    – One of the primary tenets of the fitness world is “No pain, no gain.” Becoming fit and getting into good shape is not always a pleasant experience to everyone involved, especially in a space like a gymnasium or a sports arena.

Patrons, who inevitably sweat a lot; trainers, who need to literally work closely with people; fitness equipment that is used and reused almost throughout the year; resting spaces where patrons relax and cool off — all these could result in a recipe for disaster if one does not maintain high levels of cleanliness inside the premises.

In fact, when COVID started pervading globally, gymnasiums were some of the places that were first to close and last to reopen. This more or less proves the need for setting high hygiene standards for fitness centres. Fortunately, many leading gymnasiums in the Gold Coast and the Darwin regions do not sweat about this a lot, because they rely on PPC for their cleaning needs. We have shown them how it’s done and we continue to show the country how it’s done. If you’re a gym owner, we can certainly show you how it’s done, too.

  • Hospitals / Clinics

    –  If there is a place that must always be 1000% clean (no, that’s not a typo!), it is hospitals and medical care centres. Organizations that are into healthcare cannot afford to have even an iota of unhygienic conditions in their premises. We provide impeccable medical cleaning services for some of the leading hospitals and medical centres in Gold Coast and Darwin. We ensure that their premises are spick and span at all times and are free from harmful bacteria and viruses, including the novel coronavirus.

Additionally, we also believe in continuous improvement. Therefore, in the past one-year period, we have also invested substantial time and effort into tweaking our practices and equipment to make sure that no stone is unturned when it comes to cleanliness and hygiene.

  • Schools

    – Schools are where children spend the second biggest bulk of their time, next to their homes. This more or less means that schools must maintain the same standards of cleanliness and hygiene set for people’s homes. If you, as a school administrator, find this commitment challenging, the first thing you must do is to contact a highly experienced cleaning services provider like PPC.

Our comprehensive school cleaning service includes: classroom sanitisation, play space cleaning, common area sweeping and cleaning, restroom cleaning and sanitisation, laboratory cleaning, staff room cleaning, furniture cleaning and sanitisation, and sanitisation of railings among others. When you outsource your cleaning commitment to us, you can stop worrying about how you can ensure a healthy learning environment for the children enrolled in your school. We help you today to create a healthy tomorrow.

  • Shopping Centres

    –  Shopping centres and malls are a few of the public places where one can expect constant coming and going of people. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic and the restrictions introduced because of it, a good number of people still prefer shopping in physical stores. What this means is that mall and shopping centre administrators must constantly be on their toes. If you’re a mall administrator looking for an exceptional, cost-effective cleaning service provider, look no further from PPC.

Our comprehensive cleaning services for shopping centres include: multi-surface cleaning (glass windows, stone benches, floors, metal railings and so on), elevator/escalator cleaning, floor dusting and mopping, and overall sanitisation at regular intervals. If you already have personnel for housekeeping, we can train them on best practices for cleaning and help them ensure that they do a consistent, high quality job every single time.

  • Strata Properties

    – Much like car parks, strata properties, too, are uniquely public and private at the same time. As a result, they present their own challenges. In strata properties, the cleanliness and hygiene level of common areas is of utmost importance because they are spaces utilized by all inhabitants.

Moreover, many strata properties include other amenities, such as gymnasiums, swimming pools, play areas for children, barbeque spaces, and lawns. If you’re a strata property manager, you might find the routine maintenance and monitoring of the property a highly daunting task. This is where an experienced cleaning service provider like PPC can make things easy for you. Outsource your cleaning duties to us and rest assured that the lot owners have nothing to complain about when it comes to the plot’s cleanliness levels.

  • Warehouses

    – Warehouses have always played a huge role in trade, more so in today’s world which is dominated by online shopping. In a country that’s as big as Australia, warehouses help easily move goods, be it from the northernmost point to the southernmost tip or the east coast to the west coast. With physical goods being brought in and sent out almost every single day, warehouses are some of the busiest places of human activity. Physical objects and packages might get scattered all over the place, which means the possibility of untidiness and uncleanliness is always high in warehouses.

As a dedicated partner, PPC has been providing warehouse cleaning services in Gold Coast for over 10 years. As part of warehouse cleaning, we perform activities, such as scrubbing and polishing floors, clearing pathways, sweeping, pressure washing, removing grease and oil stains, removing dry and wet waste, wiping walls, and cleaning ceilings.

Since warehouses also house goods originating from other countries, we have now added comprehensive warehouse sanitisation to our list of activities to try and reduce the chances of spreading COVID-19.

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